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Homeopathy is an alternative medical practice in which extremely dilute amounts of certain natural substances are used to treat various ailments.

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Homeopathic dispensary is the art and science of collecting, compounding, combining, preparing and standardising drugs and medicines according to the Homeopathic principle as well as dispensing remedies or medicines according to the prescriptions of physicians, used in Homeopathic practice.


Biopuncture is a therapy consisting of injecting antihomotoxic products into specific points of the body. Most of these injections are given under the skin or in the muscles in order to regulate inflammatory processes and support natural repair mechanisms.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Thomas Conradie 

Homeopathic Doctor

Dr Conradie, is a healthcare practitioner,

specialising as a Homeopath,

in Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Dr Conradie graduated in 2017

from the University of Johannesburg

with a Master’s Degree in Homeopathy

M.Tech Hom (UJ)

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Homeopathic Doctor

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Monday – Friday                                                     08h00 – 17h00

Saturday                                                                  09h00 – 16h00

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Payments accepted includes cash, credit/debit cards and

claim forms may be submitted by patients to

medical aids for reimbursement.